Why a destination wedding in Italy is so special

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Why a destination wedding in Italy is so special

Italy is one of the most enchanting and perfect destinations for a wedding abroad, please read about some good reasons that will help you choose Italy as your marriage destination.

History: Ancient historical buildings and sites will surround your Wedding celebration – thousand years old monuments that sprout culture and local traditions.

Settings: From the sea to the mountains, countryside and plains, beautiful and elegant lakes and wild nature, Italy offers a wide choice of settings for your destination Wedding celebration.

Holiday: A holiday in Italy? Why not? – you will offer your guests the chance to be part of a memorable event and to add to the experience the opportunity of an unforgettable holiday.

Hospitality: You will feel overwhelmed by the Italian population – known all over the world for their warm hospitality, generous and positive attitude, fascination and style.

Food: This could be the reason number one – Food in Italy is always delicious – your Wedding reception will be filled with the flavors and taste of the authentic Italian cuisine

Honeymoon: Each part of our country is very different and without travelling too far you can go from the Mountains to the Sea, visit cities or small rustic towns – there is such a wide choice that our recommendation is to take advantage of this opportunity and plan your Honeymoon in Italy.

Design: Your wedding theme can match the colors of the region you select that vary according to season – bright and sunny or pale and delicate the design of your Wedding day will be unique and will reflect your personality.

Tradition: Every region of Italy has different traditions that can enrich your wedding of history, art and culture.

Experience: Italy has the longest experience in welcoming weddings for foreigners.

Love: Italians are incredibly romantic! Let’s celebrate love in the country of LA DOLCE VITA.

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