Lady Gaga & Christian Carino: wedding plans revealed!

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Lady Gaga & Christian Carino: wedding plans revealed!

Back in November, several media outlets reported on the widespread rumor that Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are finally engaged!

The couple has yet to confirm those claims, but it looks more and more like they’re letting their silence do the talking. Gaga has never been shy about refuting inaccurate reports about her private life, so it seems she has no problem with the public believing that she’s soon to be married… And she certainly didn’t seem shy about rocking a massive oval-shaped pink diamond on her commitment finger at this year!

Gaga and Carino are planning to tie the knot in Venice next summer and It will be an over-the-top affair combined with classic Italian traditions.The insider goes on to reveal that guests will enjoy an Italian-inspired menu and of course, a gondola ride!

Why Italy? Well, reasons are many,.. first of all Venice is the most romantic and unique place on hearth, and then both Gaga as Carino have Italian origins in their roots.. so what better than to “come back home” for this unforgettable event?

Italy can’t wait to welcome this wedding!

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